Welcome to the


The names of the Burn Barrel members have been changed to protect themselves from copy cats, and displacement.

Hello, and welcome to our home away from the famous Burn Barrel. What!? You ain't heard of a the popular tradition among us Southerners???
well,..let's take a moment to help you understand a bit more about the sacred Burn Barrel. (for those of you that don't know anything about this traditional back yard incinerator).

A "BURN BARREL" is a barrel that is acquired by finding a metal barrel, not to be confused with the plastic barrels. This is because of past test performed by the local A.B.B.T. (Alabama Burn Barrel Testers). Plastic barrels are known to catch fire due to the fact that plastic is combustible. Which means, It will burn, and may spread to you, your dog, your trailer, and most of all YOUR BEER!
There is a technic to finding the proper metal burn barrel. If it can be move from one place to another, then you are on the right path. The rare "virgin" barrels are not common. These can only be found once in a while. When getting the virgin barrels, there must be a few things done to prepare for a fire. The top of the barrel must be taken off by the technic of a saw's all, or blow torch. can openers not recommended. Now it's time for vents. the best way to "vent" your barrel is to take the old trusty shot gun, and fire away! Slug is best for easy penetration. He..He..we now have ourselves a Burn Barrel!

Just place it in a spot in the back yard that attract the neighbors, and fill it full of anything flammable you can find, and grab a beer and hold on! Be sure not to forget your stoking stick, this is always in the care of the burn barrel members.

The Stoking is the most important thing about Burn Barrel Fun. 1st, you drink at least two beers, then find a stick and poke the fire through the holes of the barrel or kick the hell out of it! watch those shoes, it has been known to melt a few. Our technic is a long hollow pole with an "S" shape on the end. You put the straight end in the fire, and hold a battery powered hand pump at the other end and let her fly! Once that fire is going, everyone goes on a hunt for burn barrel wood, trash, anything that burns. This is the fun the kids like most! who can bring back the biggest tree! It has been known that Barrel burning is a science project most southerners love. We get things.... okay,...anything we think might burn and see if it burns. Now doesn't that sound like fun?

Burn Barrels help you in more ways than keeping you warm. You get to know your good neighbors from the bad neighbors. Good neighbors won't call the law on ya, they bring the beer and join right on in on the fun. Bad neighbors WILL call the law or just ask you to stop burning due to the pollution your causing. Hell,...ain't we all gonna die sometime!? he..he..
Another thing is everyone that "puts in" on that barrel will have the cleanest yards, now how is that a bad thing? Every night you must at least drink 3 six packs of cool beer, that's what keeps that ole' noggin going for more stuff to burn.
and we must not forget the ladies. The ladies have been known to add some flame to the barrels as well. I know the other night one of the wives brought some stained baby clothes, why that put that fire about ten feet in the air!! damn! that was a good night!
You must have a battery powered radio, no not stereo, but radio to keep the mood. We use a wind up radio that we all take turns windin', if you don't wind it, then you don't sit by the barrel. Everyone must do their part you know. Now that you've got that red color at the bottom of the barrel it's time to sit back on whatever you can find to sit on, and enjoy the fun! Don't forget to spit on the hot barrel, when it bounces off, it's just right!

Now that we've told you how to properly start a burn barrel, let's move on to some fun!....

Well now that we got all the mumbo jumbo out of the way, it's time to share some of our good memories around the ole' barrel. When you get all your friends together on a weekend for a cookout,

Your bound to have a heap of fun!

Below is some pictures we took, and want to share them with ya out of the kindness of our hearts....

This....is our personal bonafied Burn Barrel

Ain't she a beaut?!
We love our work of art so much that we decided to celebrate by shootin' some fireworks for this special moment. No, it's not the 4th of July or even New year's eve! Hell here in the South we don't need a reason to shoot fireworks, we just like to blow things up for the hell of it! he.he..

Below is a wonderful shot to show you how Jr. and his friends get in on the fun! they just got back from wood huntin', they just made it for the show!

Here we have the Burn Barrel Members...(notice the one in the middle? she's crankin' up the old radio).

That's all we have at this time, now remember folks.....ain't no body too dumb to start thier own Burn Barrel Community! He..He..but then,..if you don't take these tips we've given ya, you may lose your community and the world has gone to hell!..Have a wonderful day!